Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Solution to Joomla editors freezing in editing mode, on pages with tables

Symptoms: browser freezes upon editing of a page with often modified tables on the backend or front-end of the site. The browser may finish saving the page very slowly or offer to "Kill the script" or "Wait" for the Javascript to finish.
Looking at the page in the Advanced code editor -button of JCE or HTML-button of TinyMCE reveals nothing out of the ordinary.

Cause: invisible Colgroup and Col tags in the page source, on one of our sites there were 100KB of of these tags on a single table, on a page with multiple tables.

Solution: change your preferred editor to no-editor in the user manager and remove the unrequested for html-code between the <colgroup> -tags, just below the <table> -tag and before the <tbody> -tag.

For a full explanation with more detailed step-by-step instructions and an example file of the removed code (100KB), please visit: Pages with tables freezing the browser with graphical editors at the Aktiivi.com website.

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