Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Joomla 1.5.x Read more ... -button not working

On two different Joomla 1.5.x websites that I manage I've encountered a curious problem with the JCE-editor (component version 157, plugin version 154), namely the fact that the "Read more ..." button is completely unresponsive.

After looking around for a little I tested that the problem is indeed with JCE, as TinyMCE inserts the code as expected. I tested switching my preferred editor to TinyMCE, used the button and voilá the code is neatly visible in JCE to when I reverted back to it.

To avoid this hassle, you can simply copy the code below for use with JCE via the Advanced Code Editor -button;
<hr id="system-readmore">


  1. Thanks to the author of the blog for the article, I had the same problem, I could not solve it for a long time, until I found a detailed instruction on one of the sites. But after fixing the problem with the button, I did not think much of thinking about updating joomla, and then a nightmare began, the web site completely fell, although I do not understand why. It's good that I had a backup with the old version and the recovery did not take long. I want to transfer my website to a ready-made joomla template, they say there are no such problems with it

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