Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Google Chrome Extensions pave the way for Google OS

I love the new Google Chrome extensions for my Chrome on Ubuntu as it has been my favourite browser all along.

The even greater significance of this lies not with Google Chrome, which will gain market share and loyal users, but with Google Chrome OS.

My basis for this claim is the simple fact that the browser is the user interface for the operating system, you aren't allowed to install any programs, instead the system is aimed at the users of the web-services and pages. If you can't install programs, the significance of the browser's extensions is increased manifold, they are the mini-applications that you can install.

I'm still wondering how will I stream video without VLC player but I'm expecting that Google will have movie rentals available through YouTube by then.


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  2. Also, if you using an RSS feed reader that is not available as a Chrome app, like FeedDemon or Microsoft Outlook, there isn’t an easy way to set that external program as the default handler for RSS feeds in extension development

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