Wednesday, July 8, 2009

8.7.2009 - first post, the journey begins

News just in

The sticky rumours of Google OS became reality with the announcement at the Official Google Blog, dated yesterday, setting the blogosphere abuzz with discussions. Of course, planned for second half of 2010, it's still a year away and targeted solely at the netbook crowd that is constantly connected to the Internet. What I found surprising is that it's not Android but a completely separate project. Among the many Techmeme and Techcrunch deemed this front-page material.


For those who use Twitter for spreading SEO-love to sites and pages should considering using Tweetdeck or some similar tool for tweeting as the website (and TinyURL etc) always shorten the URLs. What this means that the Tweet link will point to a shortened url that doesn't exist as a separate, browseable page and that page points to the site, article or content. If you use full URLs, the link will be from your Twitter profile page and directly to the target, which receives the due link love.


It's been hectic, my personal life has been in turmoil for some months now and focusing on something new seemed like a good idea. Besides creating this bIog and the associated infrastructure and the every day work there are some noteworthy things happening.

On last friday I just received my reviewers copy of the book I did a pre-publishing technical review of Joomla! 1.5 Template Design, from Packt Publishing and yesterday I retuned the last reviewed chapter of the upcoming Joomla! SEO from the same publisher. I'm really anxious to see the final print of the book, but as some of the chapters had their first review made by me (there's usually 2 technical reviewers/book), it will probably still be a month or two.

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